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Posted by jwilliams on September 28, 2020 - 3:07am


The Buffalo Bills bring cap in hand tonight looking for a handout in Toronto for the second straight year. And all this as part of a five-year experiment to boost revenue while determining the feasibility of an NFL team in Toronto on a full-time or occasional basis.

A gauge to determine if the 20,000 or so fans from Southern Ontario who frequent the Ralph represent an even more rabid fan base in the GTA.

But based on fan indifference last year against Miami

- which was spawned by smug marketing and outrageous ticket prices

The Head Coach For Bills In 2015 Should Be… - Story

Posted by radneyj on January 11, 2015 - 8:17pm

A highly intelligent man hailing from Charlotte, NC where he played QB at Howard University should be the Bills next head coach. Pep Hamilton being an ex QB helps him articulate to his QB’s what he wants them to do on the field and he understands what the QB is seeing out on the field from opposing defenses. At just 40 years old he is young enough to vibe with his players and at this point in his career has the cache to have guys respect him. Hamilton has worked with Andrew Luck at Stanford and now with the Indianapolis Colts. Luck paired with Hamilton has brought the Colts success rapidly. The Colts have been to three straight playoff appearances including two division titles in 2013 and 2014. Luck has the most passing yards for a quarterback through his first 4 postseason games (1,438 yards). Hamilton has had tremendous success developing Indy’s passing attack led by Luck. Working with a young QB that has the physical tools like EJ Manuel would astronomically improve Manuel if he was learning to play QB from an ex QB. If the Bills believe in Manuel, they need to bring in a guru who has had success working with a young QB. The defense is in place and already is a playoff caliber D. The offense has weapons and just needs a QB who would not get in the way of the Bills potential success. Bringing in Hamilton would give the Bills the offensive lift they need. He should be the Bills next head coach.
If the Bills were to bring in someone besides Pep Hamilton it should be tough talking Rex Ryan. He would bring the clout the Bills have been lacking. Ryan’s bravado will get the Bills relevant again on a national scene and even though that doesn’t bring you any wins or loses, relevance is important with the Bills. Most people outside of western NY consider the Bills an afterthought franchise. Me living in Charlotte all I hear when I bring up the Bills is “when are they moving to Toronto?” With the character that is Rex Ryan, I guarantee people will know about Buffalo next year hopefully by their play but definitely by Ryan’s mouth. The Bills already have an all-pro 3-4 readymade defense and no matter what you say about Ryan, the man knows defensive football. To be the best you have to beat the best. No one frustrates Tom Brady like Rex Ryan. Back when Ryan was the defensive coordinator of the Ravens he used to make Brady and Co. earn every yard they got. The Jets won some games vs New England and always played them tough under Ryan. If Ryan gets hired he would need to bring in an established offensive coordinator. My choice would be Marc Trestman! Wishful thinking would say the Bills would be able to pull Hamilton from the Colts and add him as the OC under Ryan. That would be a heck of a transaction if that happened but I know Christmas has already come and gone. But miracles happen every day! We will see what transpires.

Bills vs Panthers-Preseason Game II For The Buffalo Bills - Story

Posted by Julian Radney on August 11, 2014 - 8:29pm

Buffalo Bills WR Kevin Elliott's Football Camp (7-13-13) - Photo

Posted by Holly Malinowski on July 14, 2013 - 10:01pm

 Buffalo Bills WR Kevin Elliott held a free football camp for children in the Orlando, Florida area (Englewood Neighborhood Center).

Buffalo Bills WR Kevin Elliott's Football Camp - Blog

Posted by Holly Malinowski on July 14, 2013 - 9:24pm

By Holly Malinowski

What a Super Bowl!!! - Story

Posted by Julian Radney on February 4, 2013 - 5:05pm

 The Baltimore Ravens won their 2nd franchise Super Bowl last night beating the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 in a great game. Joe Flacco won Super Bowl MVP (22-33 287 and 3 TD’s finishing the postseason with 11 TD’s to 0 INT’s) so he gets to go to Disney world! 13 time Pro Bowler Ray Lewis finishes his illustrious NFL career going out on top by winning his 2nd Super Bowl championship.

Sports week in review!!! - Blog

Posted by Julian Radney on December 2, 2012 - 10:24pm


Posted by John Williams on November 12, 2012 - 3:49pm

FORT ERIE, ONTARIO - Notre Dame is having the football season of a lifetime surging towards their first undefeated campaign and possible national title since 1988.
The Fighting Irish have been my team ever since they captured the 1973 national championship with a 24-23 win over the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Eve. That night QB Tom Clements stood deep in his end zone with less than a minute remaining - before hitting little used Robin Weber on a 35-yard, post pattern to earn the first down and preserve the victory.


Posted by John Williams on October 24, 2012 - 9:42am

Hamilton, Ontario - The final curtain call is just days away.
Barring a playoff miracle, the curtain will rise and fall for the final time at Ivor Wynne Stadium this Saturday afternoon when the Hamilton Tiger Cats host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
And if the Cats are to have any chance of a playoff appearance and a possible home playoff date - they’ll have to give a command performance against a Bomber team which also has its sights set on a playoff berth.


Posted by John Williams on October 19, 2012 - 10:43am

The Hamilton Tiger Cats are down to their ninth life as the team’s post-season hopes are quickly fading.
The team has to win its three remaining games and hope the Argos or Eskimos lose their last three to guarantee the Cats a second place finish in the East or fourth place via of the crossover in the West.
The way the Cats fell to the BC Lions last Friday night in Hamilton - it appears the Tabbies have already danced their final waltz of the 2012 regular season even though they have three games remaining.

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