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Flores - Photo

Posted by BobCaico on October 22, 2017 - 5:15pm

Wilfredo Flores

Juice - Photo

Posted by Bob Caico on June 16, 2016 - 5:29pm

Juice Brady

Erik Plumeri - Photo

Posted by Bob Caico on June 12, 2016 - 7:53pm

Erik Plumeri

Boxing Dedovets - Photo

Posted by Bob Caico on June 12, 2016 - 6:54pm

Alex dedovets

Amateur boxing in Rochester - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on August 27, 2014 - 12:08pm

Last Saturday afternoon (8/23/14) a nine bout amateur card was sponsored by Pretty Girl Promotions at the Armory in Rochester, NY. a few hours before their professional show at the same venue. Clubs from Buffalo, Rochester and Utica participated. Zarie Dejesus (St. Martin's) tko 2 Juel Jones (Bernard Boxing) Jaquavion Watson (Bernard's) dec 3-0 Angel Gonzalas (Future) Romeo Gaines (Murry) dec 2-1 DeShawn Ruffin (St. Martin's) Mike Adams (Bernard's) dec 3-0 Jaden Ruth (St. Martin's) Melson Modji (Buffalo Westside) tko 2 Jesus Miranda (Fight Factory) Jose Hernandez (Fight Factory) dec 3-0 Joel Johnson (unattached) Tracey McGruder (St. Martin's) dec 3-0 Lane Thatcher (Fight Factory) Hoshaw Sambolin (Fight Factory) dec 3-0 Akmed Aliyev (NWBCC) Sequan Felton (St. Martin's) dec 3-0 Travis Winters (Bernard's)

St. John's amateur boxing results - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on July 21, 2014 - 10:27pm

The St. John International Boxing Program in Buffalo held an 11-bout card on July 19th. Darryl Graham put together a very competitive show featuring gyms from Dunkirk, Rochester, Canada, Syracuse, two gyms from Erie, PA and the Buffalo area. Destyn Hopkins and Norberto Lopez put on an exciting 125 lb battle that was voted fight of the night. There were more than one contest that had votes because of the desire and dedication of the boxers involved. There was no trophy for Fighter of the Night but Elan DeJesus, Anthony Diaz, Edgar Medera and Anthony Woodruff would have been in the running.

Elan DeJesus (Dunkirk) dec 2-1 Joe Reed (Flare Center)
Tim Akerobulou (U.B.) dec 3-0 Curtis Fisher (Faith & Hope)
Tatyanna Feliciano (Erie) dec 3-0 Mary Shaneyshak (Baden St.)
Anthony Diaz (Goomba's) dec 3-0 Masi Said (Clancy's)
Mark Staples (Eastside Buffalo) dec 2-1 Zalquon Anthony (Baden St.)
Edgar Medera (Future) dec 3-0 Gordon Kirkland (Erie)
Shamar Lutchman (Faith & Hope) dec 3-0 Mario Jamie (Eastside Erie)
Tyrell Harris (Erie) dec 2-1 Alex Dedovets (Goomba's)
Anthony Woodruff (Westside) dec 2-1 Donte Ettipio (Victory)
Devin Williams (Erie) dec 3-0 Donnie Marshall ( Bflo. PAL)
Destyn Hopkins (St. John's) dec 3-0 Norberto Lopez (Baden St.)

Amer Abdallah against the world - Press Release

Posted by admin on June 5, 2014 - 12:55pm

 United States Light Heavyweight Kickboxing champion Amer Abdallah (14-0) has finally received the news he’s been awaiting his entire career. Last month the World Kickboxing Association informed the Western New York native that he is currently the No.5 ranked kickboxer in the world and with a win on June 7 he will be placed as the mandatory challenger for the world title. “This has been a lifelong dream of mine and it’s now within arms reach.” Abdallah stated.

Ring 44 announces 2014 Buffalo Boxing Hall of Fame - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on May 24, 2014 - 2:39pm

Ring 44 will host their induction and awards ceremony at Salvatore's Italian Gardens on Friday August 8th. For tickets and information contact (716)440-1715 or email

Angelo Prospero, Sportswriter and Historian

After graduating from Canisius College with a bachelor and master’s degrees and services in the United State Army during the Korean Conflict, Prospero began covering fights at ringside all over the United States and Canada for various boxing periodicals. Some of those he worked for were Ring Magazine (The Bible of Boxing), Boxing Illustrated, Boxing Digest, Ring Sports ad Boxing World. He has written hundreds of articles and biographies of boxers. He was the first historian of the Canastota Hall of Fame and has served as the historian of Ring 44 in Buffalo for the last 25 years.

Paulie Mahoney, Pro Boxer

During a nine-year career Paulie Mahoney compiled a record of 31 wins (14 KOs),15 losses and 1 draw. Although he was not victorious in any of these bouts, Mahoney concluded his career against some of the top fighters in the world. He lost ten-round decisions to former middleweight champions Teddy Yarosz and Ken Overlin. Yarosz came into his fight against Mahoney with 89 victories, while Overlin had 126 victories. In his last fight Mahoney suffered a 9 round knockout at the hands of Anton Christoforidis, the former Light Heavyweight champion of the world.
Earlier in his career Mahoney had lost a pair of decisions to Ralph DeJohn. Paulie also had no success against the former Olympic fighter Jimmy Clark. He lost a pair of decisions and was knocked out and TKO'd in the second rounds. In his obituary manager Red Carr said that Paulie,"The feisty Middleweight was never a champion, but always a contender." In a September 1, 1954 article the Courier featured an article by Ray Ryan that rated Paulie Mahoney along with Jimmy Clark and Ralph DeJohn as the top three Western New York Middleweight in the 1930's and early 1940's
After World War II Mahoney moved to Florida. Ten years later he moved to California where he died 20 years later in 1983.

“Team” DeLeon, trainers
Carlos and Juan and third brother Angel have resided and made their base in Buffalo for the last twenty years and over the course of time have been the leaders and ring men for “Team” Mesi and proceeded to help to make magic in the wonderful odyssey of undefeated Joe Mesi the third Franchise who kept his assault towards to World Championship based in Buffalo and brought the boxing world to Buffalo as well. These Gentlemen also trained a plethora of outstanding amateur and pro boxers while again remaining in Buffalo.

Tony Pinto, trainer

He devoted more than 30 years to area amateur and professional boxing both as a fighter and trainer before his fatal heart at age 57. His eulogy was from the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Franklin M. Kelliher, with whom Pinto was associated in the Golden Gloves operation. Tony was to have been in Dick Topinko's corner when the Lackawanna welterweight met Willie Williams at Buffalo Boys Town. Tony had been training Dennis "Irish Rockey" Cudney, and from time to time worked with Ed Neiman, Vic Brown and the Mejia brothers. He was the head trainer for Bernie Blacher's stable of fighters including Joey Giambra for a time.

Meet the 2014 New York State Golden Gloves Champs - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on April 26, 2014 - 10:15pm

The finals of the Golden Gloves championships for New York State were held Saturday April 26th at the Tralf in downtown Buffalo. The sub-novice (0-2 fights), novice (less than 11 fights) boxers became State champions in their weight classes. The open champions will now head to Las Vegas during the week of May 12th representing the Buffalo franchise to vie for national titles. The tournament resurrected in Buffalo by Niagara District Vice President Don Patterson and sponsored by Joe Carubba of Carubba Collision has grown every year and this addition may have been the best yet.
2014 New York State Champions:
123 lb female, Hannah Kruger, UB Boxing – Buffalo
141 lb female, Valerie Aspaas, Victory Gym- Buffalo

123 lb Benjamin Serrano, Westside Boxing- Buffalo
132 lb William Russell, Rinaldi Boxing – Syracuse
141 lb Tyrell Taylor, Watertown Boxing – Watertown
152 lb Jarred Nosewicz, Ultimate Athletics – Syracuse
165 lb Yenser Perez, Rinaldi Boxing – Syracuse
178 lb Curtis Chaplan, Ultimate Athletics- Syracuse
201+ Winsom Robinson, St John's Boxing – Buffalo

132 lb Paul Manley, Team Percision -Adrirondacks
141 lb Elijah Johnson, Faith & Hope Boxing - Syracuse
152 lb Derrell Boyd, Albany City Boxing – Albany
165 lb Connor Smith, UB Boxing -Buffalo
201 lb Joe Taylor, WNY MMA – Lockport

108 lb Thomas Blumenfield , Albany City Boxing- Albany
114 lb Mike Parilla, Rinaldi Boxing- Syracuse
123 lb Samuel Rodriguez, ROC Boxing- Rochester.
132 lb Sequan Felton, St. Martin's- Rochester
141 lb Akmed Aliyev, NWBCC- Buffalo
152 lb Luis Vargas, Rinaldi's Boxing- Syracuse
165 lb Wilmont Wood, St. Martin’s Boxing Rochester
178 lb Lawrence King, ROC Boxing- Rochester
201 lb Yusef A Jami, Ultimate Athletics- Syracuse
201 + Drew Grazadei, NWBCC-Buffalo

Masters (over 35 years old)
201 + Brad Stahlman -Salamanca

Golden Glove boxing continues in Buffalo - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on March 21, 2014 - 11:21pm

The Buffalo Golden Glove State championships continued Friday night at the Tralf consisting of championship, semi-final and match bouts. The finals for other weight classes will be determined on Saturday April 26th. The open champions on that card in each weight class will be advancing to the Golden Gloves National Champions in Las Vegas on May 12-16.

State Champions in sub-novice:

132 lb William Russell (Rinaldi’s Boxing) dec 3-0 Tyler Russ (U.B.)
141 lb Valerie Aspaas (Victory) WO
152 lb Jarred Nosewicz (Ultimate Fitness) dec 3-0 Austin Phearsdrof (Seneca)
165 lb Yenser Perez (Rinaldi’s) dec 3-0 Ryan Nacastro (U.B.)

Semi-final Novice:

141 lb Elijah Johnson (Faith and Hope) dec 3-0 Jeremy Gashindi (PAL)
141 lb Devin Davis (Elite Fitness) dec 2-1 Francisco Vargas (Rinaldi’s)
201 lb Joe Taylor (WNY MMA) tko-2 Bryce Stalhman (Seneca Nation)

Semi-final Open:

132 lb Sequan Felton (RSM) dec 2-1 Daniel DeJesus (Westside)
141 lb Akmed Aliyev (NWBCC) dec 3-0 Vinnie Denierio (Elmira)

Match bouts:

123 lb Tyler Kruse (U.B.) dec 2-1 Angel Galarza (Westside)
132 lb Oscar Peralta (Rinaldi’s) dec 2-1 Jeffery Nguyot (Westside)
132 lb Dom Diaz (Westside) dec 3-0 Musa Mwbera (RSM)
178 lb Israel Heyward (Ultimate Fitness) tko-1 Derek Pershyn (Terri’s)

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