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MLB draft details,prospects; WNY college baseball

The MLB draft this year will start Thurs.,June 6, when the first 2 rounds are held. The next day rounds 3 thru 10 will be held. On Sat., rounds 11 thru 40 will be held.

Here is some data from Baseball Amer. on only the top national and WNY draft prospects.

Historically, some 45-55% of the draftees come from California, Florida and Texas, so we have identified the general numbers by position and these 3 States.

Baseball Amer. selected the top 194 draft prospects for 10 positions, catchers, first basemen, second basemen, etc.

Interestingly, 42% of these top candidates come from Cal. 37, Fla. 21 and Texas 23.

With 40 rounds, 30 MLB teams, supplemental rounds, etc. approx. 1200 names will be drafted. However with the new MLB rules and regs about drafting,, especially about bonus money, after the 10th round, little money is available for these players, so many don't sign, unless they have a real desire to play pro baseball, just for the opportunity.

An old baseball saying is the fastest way to the Majors is either as a catcher or a left handed pitcher. So looking at some of the numbers; the largest number of prospects are right handed pitchers at 72, then left handed pitchers at 32, center fielders at 20, then catchers at 17; with the least prospects at second, 4.

Note the number of right handed pitchers,72.

These 194 draftees will cover about the first 6 rounds and supplement draft choices between these rounds.

Also of local interest, only 1 prospect was named in this top group of 194 out of New York, and that was Jonah Heim, a catcher from Amherst, H.S.

Others, locally, who may be drafted from WNY in the 6 or later rounds are Mark Armstrong, pitcher from Clarence H.S., who has been timed at 94-95 MPH. Jason Kanzler from UB, Senior, CF, with conference high BA and HRs, who was named the conference MVP. NCCC believes Mike Elwood, pitcher, from Clarence H.S., who was followed this season by the Braves and Padres will get drafted. And Jason Radwan, St. Bona Senior, who batted .405, 5th in the nation, Div. 1, may get some attention at the draft.

Locally at the college level, a couple of colleges made national headlines. UB had a record winning season with 33 wins. Coach Ron Torgalski was named conference Coach of the Year, Kanzler, as mentioned, conference MVP, and a number of players were named on the conference All Star team.

Canisius had a 42 win season, and won their conference tourney, the first time. Therefore Canisius had spot on the NCAA 64 team College World Series (CWS).

This is first time in the history for Canisius or any team in WNY to get chosen for the NCAA CWS.

Canisius has got the "honor" to play the top seed in the tourney, No. Carolina (52-8), in the regional, first round, first game, Fri. It helps that the first round is double elimination.

Canisius lost to No. Carolina 6 to 3, stranding a ton of runners. A key, timely hit may have changed the score. Canisius then went to the loser's bracket and faced Fla. Atlantic on Sat. and lost 14 to 6, after issuing 11 walks.

The CWS finals are played June 25-26, in Omaha, Neb.


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